Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lamaze Classes=Kelas Peneman

me n hubby will attend the class on 21 August 2008

Have you enrolled in a Lamaze course yet? The now-renowned courses teach various alternative birthing and breathing techniques, not to mention the oh-so-valuable lessons involved with natural pain management. (Visit http://www.lamaze.org/Default.asp for more information.) If you have already enrolled in a Lamaze course, consider coupling it with either a swimming or yoga course (or both!). Both forms of exercise focus on controlling your breathing (a large part of the Lamaze philosophy), while at the same time increasing blood flow, strength and flexibility. What’s more, many yoga studios and swimming pools cater to pregnant women (and couples) offering low impact sessions perfect for you and your partner.

kita tgk nnt samada kat malaysia ada teknik teknik yang tersebut di atas ke tak...

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  1. waaaaaaaaahhh... bagos la kalo ade kat mesia nih... hehehe