Tuesday, 5 January 2010

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Time Management Telephone Tips For Inbound Phone Calls

1) Answer your telephone with a proper business phone greeting.
2) Think and prioritize as you speak.
3) Use techniques such as paraphrasing and summarizing to keep phone calls on track.
4) Get in the habit of closing each inbound phone call with a summary of whatever action you and the caller have agreed to take.

The call handling flow goes through the following steps:
  1. The Customer Relations Desk (CRD) answers the call and logs the case. Case severity is determined.
  2. For issues requiring Technical Support, the case is sent to the Systems Support team.
  3. If the Systems Support Team does not solve the case, it is escalated to Advanced Technical Support (ATS).
  4. If ATS finds a defect or determines that an engineering skill set is required to isolate or resolve an urgent issue, the case is escalated to Engineering.
Transfer of goodwill or positive feelings about one characteristic (such as pleasing appearance) of a product or person to another, possibly unrelated, characteristics (such as performance). Contrasts with devil's horns.

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