Thursday, 18 June 2009

kalau zaid dengan....

Kalau Zaid dengan lagu The Cranberries-Ode to my Family... aku pulak dengan Juliet the Orange-Ode From A Psychopath... dua dua lagu ada nostalgia tersendiri!!! Nostalgia dengan nah dan Nostalgia aku dan dia... utk dia.. jangan sedih bila i letak entry nieh ya!!!

darker things, darker minds
a tint of blood drops
we shall all never find
the passion that throbs

method in all madness
order and plan
my madness reads like a book
which never can end

this is an ode from a psychopath
a tormented creature
this is an ode from a psychopath
the darkest of shadows
the drumming is how i heard in my temple
this is an ode from a psychopath
a spiritual ailment

chapter one contains the first
moment i saw
your shaded being against the light
there isn't a flaw

chapter two and chapter three
was when my heart cried
and i believe in my madness
that you must die

my sublime, my darkling faun
you should never know my desire
the poison of my soul is come
your pounding pulse in the fire

ode from a psychopath
the feeling is mutual..

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  1. Psychopath ??? muahahhaa...
    macam-macam hal la...